Michele is vibrant, knowledgeable and a great listener. Her working style is intense, reflective, clear, focused, diligent, visionary and more. My expectations were high, yet we were in alignment on the vision of my kitchen remodel. My expectations were met exceedingly well. She has talent far beyond her own comprehension. I give her my recommendation.
Joanne Victoria

Michele is thoughtful and pleasing to work with; her ideas are very creative in solving the space problems I faced. My hopes and expectations were certainly met and I have gladly recommended her to friends.
Chela Mitchell

Her ideas and vision were the primary reason for the overall success of the projects we've worked on. She understands how to work within the constraints of budget. Her design, space planning and color concepts, in my opinion, are second to none. I would describe her design work as art. Michele is meticulous and very detail-oriented, I'd recommend her to any of my clients.
Steve Zajaczkowski
President, Woodcraft, Inc.

I am so pleased with the service I received this afternoon. Definitely worth the money. She takes time to listen, responds to concerns in a practical way, and has creative solutions. She also gives a very clear picture of what elements would work, or not, in a particular space. I think that's a hallmark of a talented designer. She is also patient in teaching. I learn. Descriptions of the principles involved were a part of her answers. They all seemed right and helped me along the decision path.
Christine Corrigan